All treatments come with a free consultation and are administer by a highly qualified Injectable practitioner. Anaesthetic cream is also provided to make our treatments as comfortable as possible

Consultation for line/wrinkle smoothen treatment

We offer a consultation to discuss a treatment plan which is popular for treating wrinkles and expression lines which we develop as we age.  We will discuss products that are best used for our wrinkles and gives us a complexion youthful look once again. 

Can be used for forehead lines, frown lines, top of the nose, around the eyes, upper lip, chin, marionettes, gummy smile and nasolbial folds.

Injections lasting 3-6 months.

Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement is also know as Lip Augmentation. The treatment alters the appearance of the lips by increasing their fullness through enlargement using fillers. They reduce the appearance of fine lines, give you fuller lips and a younger appearance. This can be applied to give several different looks. 

Enhancement Lasting 6-12months. 

Eyebrow lift?

Through many contributing factors our brow arch appears lower and we loose elasticity in around our eye. We can help lift the brow arch opening up your youthful eye again.  

Lasting 3-6months. 

Gummy Smile?

When you smile, do you see more gum than you would like? 

This can be improved.

Lasting 3- 6 months 

Nasolabial Folds?

As we age we loose out fullness to our face causing folds eaitherside of our nose to our mouth and our mouth droops. Dermal fillers can help reduce these lines giving a younger look and a fuller face.

Lasting 6-12 months.


Nobodys symetrical, our muscles could be stronger on one side than the other, our lifleysyle factors are different, our bodys are different, gravity, we could be different ages. These are all factors that effect our elasticity, fullness and hydration to our skin. This causes our mouth to turn down, giving us a down-turned smile. We can improve this with either Anti-wrinkle injections or Dermal Fillers. 

Lasting 3-12 months 

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